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  Lady in Cement - CD

HRKCD 8031

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Hugo Montenegro’s raunchy and atmospheric score smartly conjures up the sleazy side of Miami in the 1960’s – its run-down South Beach hotels (!), brothels and last-gasp Mafia members are all here.

P-I Tony Rome is played by Frank Sinatra with ‘ample’ support from Racquel Welch and Dan Blocker. A unique feature opf this release are the excellent interviews with Welch and Blocker carried out by ex radio station boss of WQAM, Charlie Murdock who died earlier this year.

A real treat!


Lady In Cement (LP)
HRKLP 8405
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Lady in Cement

1. Lady In Cement
2. Jilly's Joint
3. Kit
4. Love Is A Many Splendored Thing
5. Yale's Pool Room
6. The Shark
7. Tony's Theme
8. Give Me The Simple Life
9. Ruby's Burlesque
10. Again
Bonus Tracks:
11. Tony's Theme - alternate version
12. Lady In Cement - alternate  version
13. Interview with Raquel Welch  and Dan Blocker