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  JAZZ TETE-A-TETE Featuring Tubby Hayes

HRKCD 8114

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This terrific set comes from a session recorded at the Students Union Hall at Bristol University in 1966. Tubby plays with the Les Condon Quartet and there are contributions also from The Tony Coe Quintet and The Frank Evans Trio. This recording was previously released in 1967 and preserves the original notes by Charles Fox. Fully remastered to bring you a sparkling 40 minutes of pure delight!

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1. The Jeep Is Jumpin'
2. Blues We Played Last Night
Personnel Listing
The Tony Coe Quintet
Tony Coe, tenor; John Picard, trombone; Colin Purbrook, piano; Peter Ind, bass; Jackie Dougan, drums.
3. Blues For Sunday
4. Polka Dots And Moonbeams
Personnel Listing
The Frank Evans Trio
Frank Evans, guitar; Peter Ind, bass; Jackie Dougan, drums
5. Freedom Monday
6. When My Baby Gets Mad -     Everybody Split  
Personnel Listing
Tubby Hayes and The Les Condon Quartet
Tubby Hayes, tenor; Les Condon, trumpet; Mike Payne, piano; Ron Matthewson, bass; Tony Levin, drums
Total playing time 38:24