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HRKCD 8412

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With two bands on board the liner, there was no shortage of musical entertainment on The Titanic.

With this very special release commemorating the 100th anniversary of its sinking, we imagine the songs that would have been played and sung based on popular tunes of the time.

These are the ORIGINAL ‘black wax’ cylinders featuring the original artists performing their best sellers.

With an original essay by Canadian writer, Johnny Vallis, a specialist in music of this era, and full track details and mini biographies of the artists, this is a handsome,  impressive and timely release which will transport you back to a very different time of Muisc Hall (Variety) that no longer exists.

Captian of "The Titanic" Edward John Smith

1. Pop Goes The Weasel Medley - Charles D'Almaine
2. Home Sweet Home - Mixed Quartet
3. My Irish Rosie - Ada Jones
4. What Might Have Been - Manuel Romain
5. Any Rags? - Arthur Collins
6. When You And I Were Young Maggie - Will Oakland
7. Harrigan - Edward Meeker
8. If You Cared For Me - Frederic Rose
9. Shine On Harvest Moon - Ada Jones & Bill Murray
10. Please, Mr. Conductor, Don’t Put Me Off The Train - Byron G. Harlan
11. Wearing Of The Green - Miss Marie Narelle
12. Where My Love Lies Dreaming - Knickerbocker Quartette
13. Reuben Rag - Sophie Tucker
14. If I Could Only Blot Out The Past - Frank C. Stanley
15. Listen To The Mockingbird - Corrine Morgan & Frank C. Stanley
16. Edison Quartette - Old Black Joe
17. Blue Bell - Byron G. Harlan & Frank C. Stanley
18. All Aboard For Slumberville - Byron G. Harlan & Frank C. Stanley
19. A Bird In A Gilded Cage - Harry Anthony
20. Hello Central, Give Me Heaven - Byron G. Harlan
21. Songe D’Automne - John Lacelles' Orchestra