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  They CameTo Rob Las Vegas

HRKCD 8025

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Georges Garvarentz was one of France's most prolific film scorers. Much of his work was not heard outside of that country, but this terrific caper movie was an exception. The movie starred Gary Lockwood, Elke Sommer and Jack Palance. The music is fast-paced and brassy and certainly stands alone as one of Garvarentz's most accomplished scores. 1. Inspector Douglas' Trick
2. Last Trip Of The Truck
3. Attack Of the Truck  
4. End Of The Attack  
5. Effervescence  
6. The Wordless Song  
7. View On San Francisco  
8. Chase In San Francisco  
9. 'Cosa Nostra' From Mexico
10. In The Streets of Las Vegas  
11. Las Vegas Can-Can  
12. Ann And Tony