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West-coast drummer meets East Coast hustlers!
Chico Hamilton is still beating the skins, and we present here two memorable collaborations which celebrate his special - and in our view - underrated talent for film music. First up is for Roman Polanski's first English-language movie, the dark thriller "Repulsion" which starred Catherine Deneuve. The full length version of 'Carole's Walk' is here along with the other cues. THE SWEET SMELL OF SUCCESS was directed by Alexander Mackendrick, although American-born became most famous for his so-called 'Ealing Comedies. This tale of the Big Apple's under-belly that starred Burt Lancaster and Tony Curtis featured Chico Hamilton and we present here, additional cues that were co-composed with cellist Fred Katz. An important release!

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sweet smell of success Repulsion
Track Listing
1. Carole's Walk**
2. Sophisticate Thrilling**
3. Seduction In The Dark**
4. Languid Morbosity**
5. Repulsion Nocturne**
Orchestral Music
6. Hot Dogs And Juice
7. Hunsecker Operates
8. Goodby Baby Blues
9. Love Scene - Susan - The Sage
The Chico Hamilton Quintet*
10. Goodbye Baby Blues
11. Sidney's Theme
12. Cheek To Chico
13. Love Scene - Susan - The Sage
* Chico Hamilton, drums; Fred Katz, cello; Carson Smith, bass; John Pisano, guitar; Paul Horn, alto-saxophone, flute and clarinet.

** John Anderson, trumpet; Lou Blackburn, trombone; Harold land, tenor saxophone; Henry Sigismonti, French horn, Bill Green, flute and piccolo; Gabor Szabo, guitar; Albert Stinson, bass.