Foyle's War - OST Jim Parker
Foyles War
 HRKCD 8200

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Jim Parker, who has won the British Academy Award for best original Television Music four times, has written scores for over one hundred programmes and is one of Britain's most successful and versatile composers.

His work on Film and Television ranges from the seventeenth century "Moll Flanders", the eighteenth century "Tom Jones", and the 1920's "House of Eliott", to the witty and satirical contemporary score for the prestigious political thriller "House of Cards".

His evocative and haunting music for "Foyle's War" is presented here with a 20 page booklet packed with photos and interviews with the cast and crew.

Track Listing
1. Foyle’s War – Main Title
2. Fire Station
3. Foyle’s Regret
4. Eight O’Clock Jive
5. National Gallery
6. La Chanteuse
7. Hastings Boogie
8. Echoes of War
9. Milner’s Blues
10. Clickety-Click
11. Fishing
12. Dragonflies
13. Eastbourne Promenade
14. Andrew’s Theme
15. Jitterbug
16. Spitfires
17. Palais de Dance
18. The Refugees
19. Late Nights
20. Sam’s Theme
21. The Jiver
22. Viennese Memories
23. Foxtrot
24. Foyle’s War – End Title