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  THE GREEN HORNET - Original TV Soundtrack)

The Green Hornet
HRKCD 8350

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green hornet

Based on a 1930’s American show, the character Britt Reid was a fictitious newspaper editor owner who moonlighted as “The Green Hornet”, public saviour. Later a comic-book super-hero, and in the 1960’s a television series.  That starred Van Williams in the title role and a young Bruce Lee as Kato. Veteran music man Billy May was brought in to do the score with the main theme being based on Rimsky Korsakov’s Flight of the Bumble Bee.  In addition to May’s soundtrack, we’ve had some fun with finding some highly entertaining bonus material including Al Hirt’s hit single and a complete previously un-broadcast episode. Don't forget our tremendous fully illustrated and in-depth booklet too. The franchise is revived once more with a new big screen movie! Huge fun!


1. Green Hornet
2. Four Hornets
3. Casy
4. Horneted House
5. Kato
6. Do the Hornet
7. Black Beauty
8. Guadarahornet
9. Activate the Scanner
10. The Green Hornet
11. Main Title
12. GREEN HORNET THEME – Played by Al Hirt
13. BUBLE BOOGIE – Played by Winifred Atwell
14. FLIGHT OF THE BUMBLE BEE – Played by Rafael Mendez
15. GLIGHT OF THE BUMBLE BEE – Original Orchestra Version
16. GREEN HORNET THEME – Maxwell Davis Orchestra
17. “THE GREEN” HORNET – Excerpt from original 1940’s radio episode “Hit & Run”
18. “THE GREEN HORNET” – Complete un-broadcast episode “The Canine Culprit”