HRKCD 8327

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 Tristram Carey!

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One of Jerry Goldsmith's most inventive scores composed at a time when the Russians were at their most annoying! Spies were everywhere, and you didn't know who to trust!  Hugely enjoyable score.

A lesser-known, but equally important contributor – indeed, a pivotal element of the film, was the so-called “Sputnik Code” that was composed by electronica-mesiter, Tristram Cary.  Cary apparently never saw the finished film, and, according to his widow Jane, had no idea that Goldsmith was the film’s main musical contributor.  He [Cary] had even suggested to director David Greene, that he would have liked to have written the entire score.  Tristram Cary is well known to Hammer Horror and Dr. Who buffs for his highly effective contributions to background music.  This CD features all of Cary’s studio work for Sebastian that has never previously been released as well as the originally intended version of “Comes The Night” by British songstress, Anita Harris.

The sumptuously produced booklet – now a Harkit byword, has in-depth biographies on the cast and crew as well as an original essay by noted film music writer, Randall Larson.  A first time worldwide CD release. Definitely not to be missed!



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Track Listing
1. Sebastian - Main Title (J. Goldsmith)
2. You Gotta Let Me Go  (J. Goldsmith)
3. The Decoders  (J.S. Bach, Arr. J. Goldsmith)
4. Checkmate  (J. Goldsmith)
5. Carol's Apartment (J. Goldsmith)
6. Comes The Night - Vocal by Jimmy A. Hassell (Hal Shaper, J. Goldsmith)
7. Night Scene  (J. Goldsmith)
8. The Trip (J. Goldsmith)
9. Sputnik Code (Tristram Cary)
10. First Day At Work (J. Goldsmith)
11. Comes The Night - Vocal by Anita Harris (Hal Shaper, J. Goldsmith)
Bonus Tracks By Tristram Cary!

The following bonus tracks which have never previously been released, were all composed by Tristan Cary in his studio for director David Greene.  They were the component elements for track 9 (above), and we have decided to include them in their entirety as published works of this important composer are extremely rare, and give an insight into his creative talents in the field of electronic music.  His announcements also help clarify his thoughts for the benefit of the director.

12. Sputnik Code Revisions - Code Track
13. Sputnik Code Revisions - Code Without Morse
14. Sputnik Code Revisions - Code at Proper Speed
15. Loop 1 - Clicks and Scrapes
16. Loop 2 - Electronics Codes   
17. Loop 3 - Rattle and Low Noises
18. Very Wild Mix
19. Tune With Code   
20. Final Code Mix with 10 second Pulses Removed
21. Code Track 1
22. Code Track 3