Dance of the Vampires (The Fearless Vampire Killers)

 HRKCD 8130

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Starring Roman Polanski (who directed himself) with his gorgeous wife Sharon Tate, this hilarious parody of the vampire genre was lavishly staged with sumptuous costumes and sets.

This official first-time release of Komeda's score is again supplemented by copious notes written by film music writer, Andrew Keech and includes rare photos of Sharon Tate taken on set by Polanski. Simply outstanding!

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Track Listing
1. Main Title
2. Sarah in Bath
3. Snowman
4. Koukol Laughs
5. Alfred Behind Sledge
6. Sarah Asks For A Bath - Love Tune
7. Krotock On Sledge
8. Vampire Comes
9. Shagal Leaving
10. To The Cellar
11. Skiing
12. Portraits
13. Alfred Hears Singing
14. Vampires To Crypt
15. Both Over Rooftops
16. Sarah's Song
17. Alfred Over Rooftop
18. Alfred In The Crypt
19. Herbert's Song